Celebrating Claire's Successes

I had the pleasure of working with Claire for around 3 years and seeing that she completed her 6th (sixth!) 100km continuous walk over the weekend reminded me to repost this chat that we had whilst we trained. It's amazing to see that Claire has carried on the hard work since we stopped working together!

When we first met we talked at length about her situation at the time, her exercise and diet history, about weight loss goals, the desire for changes in body shape and in turn her confidence and happiness.

It was a genuine pleasure and honour to the see changes in Claire in that time. In the first 6 months alone, Claire absolutely smashed her goals, seeing a 2st weight drop, around 10" lost around the waist and hips but most importantly I watched Claire grow into a completely different person, full of energy, confidence and loving life again.

I was so pleased for her! Beyond that Claire found a passion for walking events and has taken part in countless events in the UK, Europe and as far Patagonia!

I sat down with Claire and we talked about her journey . Here goes:

MB: How did we originally meet?

CW: We met through a friend who had seen your details on Facebook and knew that I was interested in working with a personal trainer.

MB: What was your specific situation at that time? What were you going through/facing in your life?

CW: At the time, I was incredibly unhappy with my weight, and unable to sort that out alone. I was miserable and the situation just seemed to be getting worse and worse. I knew I had to do something but I didn't know how to get out of that cycle of being unhappy with my weight but then comfort eating because of my unhappiness.

MB: What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying my services? What was the reason you almost didn't become my client?

CW: At first I was concerned about the cost, but I decided that I would invest in myself and initially signed up for a 12 week 1-1 Personal Training Programme. I also was concerned on receiving a meal plan that it was going to be costly and very time-consuming but I think I just panicked. Once I got over the initial panic, and sorted out my shopping lists, I soon got into the new routine and realised it was simple to follow.

MB: What was your first impression of my services? What did you think?

CW: From very early on I knew I was going to benefit from your services. You were very focussed on my needs, my issues, my strengths and weaknesses, and I just knew that with your support, it was going to work. You were then and still are available by text, email etc whenever I have questions or need advice.

MB: What are the specific results you've gotten from my training/coaching?

CW: Because of your training, I have lost a lot of weight, and quite a few inches across my body. I have gained in confidence, and feel happy with the way I look. I believe I have changed so much as a person over the last six months in so many ways due to your training, support and encouragement.

MB: Are there any good BEFORE and AFTER “things” with specific results we could talk about? For example, is there anything that was WRONG before, but isn’t wrong now? Or anything that you couldn’t do before, but you CAN do now?

CW: Before starting training with you, I had no energy and pretty much zero confidence. I now feel completely different.

I can now do full press-ups; I struggled with doing just a couple of half press-ups when I started. I completed the Moonwalk in a very respectable time, and believe that I recovered reasonably quickly from this. I also completed the Horsham Midnight Walk in an absolutely amazing time of 5 hours and 3 minutes (20 miles) finishing 3rd out of 95 people!

I have also found the confidence to register for new physical and mental challenges, such as an Inca Trail trek, a trip of a lifetime.

I'm so happy that I made the decision to use your services; I've never looked back and don't ever want to stop progressing, improving, getting stronger and fitter!

I would recommend you to anyone I know who wants to change their life in the way that training with you has changed mine.


Just a quick note to say thanks to Claire for the time taken to talk about this stuff but also for putting in the effort during our sessions and committing to the changes needed to get her where she is now.

A true inspiration, I'm sure you'll agree.

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