Hey there! 

As I said over here, the health and fitness journey is yours and I want to make sure that the focus is entirely on you from the very first moment that you decide to follow your goals. 

All that said I also know that you might want to know a bit more about me and my background!

That little picture is me running a mountain marathon in Gran Canaria as part of an epic 8 years, taking part in multiple events from half marathons to 100 mile foot races across the UK and America.

The reality is that I wasn't always someone physically or mentally capable of even walking up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, let alone take part in long-distance running events. It was back in late 2010 that I realised that my physical health was in serious danger of reaching the point of no return.


Having struggled to walk up some stairs and quite literally bursting out of my shirt on a night out it finally dawned on me that the years of drinking, smoking and not caring what I was eating had caught up with me. Not only that but I had begun to seriously hate the way I looked and how I felt every single day. The picture I've posted is one of the few that I've got as I hated having my picture taken! 

I resolved to take back control of myself and so my long journey toward a healthier lifestyle begun. I signed up to a gym and started doing some basic exercise, some weight training, a little bit of cardio and some core work. I didn't have a great deal of direction but I enjoyed what I did and I slowly started seeing the weight come off. 

It wasn't always easy and there have been many bumps in the road but one of the reasons I made as much progress was that I decided to hire a Personal Trainer to help me along the way. It was really from there that my passion for health & fitness went into overdrive.


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Working with a Personal Trainer helped me start establishing healthier habits and it allowed me to find the exercise that I am deeply passionate about - running. My trainer helped me understand the types of exercise and training that would compliment my running and we worked hard on setting up nutrition protocols that I could easily fit into my life. 


It was from this starting point that I went from not having run since school to running over 40 half marathons, marathons and ultimately 50 and 100 mile ultra marathons (and a whole bunch of other distances). I've had some absolutely amazing experiences and learnt a lot about myself taking part in them, it has helped shape the person I am now. 

During this time, I found that I enjoyed sharing what I had learned with other people and I decided that I should open myself up to further study and undertook my Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer's qualification. In 2014 I became 'qualified' and I started training people shortly after. 

Having spent 18 months building a fantastic base of clients training a wonderfully diverse group of people in their homes or in outdoor spaces, I decided to open my own Personal Training Studio in Horsham, Sussex.


It was a fantastic opportunity and something that I knew would add a new dimension in terms of training. I was able to carry out Personal Training in groups as well as a 1-2-1 basis and had access to some excellent space to train people.

It was another fantastic experience and I met some amazing people who achieved some remarkable things along the way. After successfully running things for a few years I made the decision to close the premises and start afresh, back where it all started - training people outdoors and in their homes. 


Having taken some time out at the start of the year, I have now relaunched and am ready to help more people along their own health and fitness journey's. I have helped people lose and maintain weight, run their first 5k and other events such as half-marathons, marathons and ironman events, provided training programmes, and established lifelong fitness and nutrition habits that are even to this day are being used.


Thanks for reading and if you want to learn more about how I can help you then go check out what's available here.

Hope to speak to you soon, Matt.